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Monday, July 22, 2013



Oh my goodness, this is just so sweet. I really like your perspective here - Ian can be anything (except King of England) and HRH can only be King. Incredible!


OMG I love everything about the Royal Baby-I don't know why but I also have always loved the royal family. I just feel like this is such a good time for them. No more of this old school lets pretend to be people we aren't. Charles is married to Chamila whom he always loved. William and Kate look just so happy and in love. I would rather read about, think about, talk about this then some ridiculous hollywood star on a bender somewhere.

Also, I can't imagine what it is like to know that your child for the most part has had their life decided for them. THey can do other things but when all is said and done the "only" thing they can be is King...sort of makes me emotional for her and the baby.

But its ok because as I stated on FB-Josie plans on marrying him (this is of course if things with Ian don't work out)

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