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Monday, June 17, 2013



You'll do excellent! For my recent 4 mile "race" I did it in 53 minutes (either that or 51, and I decided to go with the slower time) by doing week 4 day 1, running the warm up and cool down, and then walking the rest of it (every time I considered running afterwards my legs turned to jelly) until the finish line. Good luck in July! You'll do amazing!!!


I understand the self-criticism about the pace; I think it comes from the expectations placed on us by the PE program in school. My fastest mile ever was when I was in 8th grade; I made it in 10:35 and that was(according to the PE teacher) not a *good* time. Looking back-it was a ridiculous excersize as they never truly trained us to become runners(as the c25k does) because of time restraints.
I would have no interest in becoming healthy if it weren't for my kids; maybe by the time they move out it will become habit, kind of the way you have become(in my opinion) officially a runner now; the proof being you can run 1/2 hour without having to train back to it after a seasonal break; congratulations!

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