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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Lori aka knittingfool

Adorable! Cast on and knit a couple of rows (so it's not so fiddly), and let him go at it!

Anna B aka wooliewoman

And I love the picture with his "knitting" in hand and bat in his lap. Very well balanced boy. :) Adorable is right.


So, so sweet. And awesome. You did get very lucky.

Jenn C. aka Siercia

That is so sweet, and he is just adorable!

I would think he'd be ready for "real" knitting at about 4 or 5, maybe get him a spool knitter to fiddle with now?


Heck, I'm teary and I don't even know him. So very sweet!! When my niece was young I was into quilting and such and she would get out her box of 'fabwick' and plot out designs. Unfortunately by the time she was skillful enough to use a real needle, her life was all about softball :)

Stephanie S

He'll be knitting at four -- He's bright. :-)

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