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Sunday, November 27, 2011



I'm so glad that you and your family got through it relatively easily, but I must admit my jealousy to the fact that young Ian, in his short life, has already gotten a chance to do a sleep over in a library... The closest I got to that experience was when I was locked into the Rush Rees basement stacks when they closed for the night. (Never mind how I got out. That's on a need to know basis and the internet does not need to know.) In fact, I'm a little jealous the little guy has a mom with an OFFICE in the library. That's just amazing. I would insist on a sleep over party at the library for my birthday each year. Ian, are you reading this? That would be better than a pony.

xoxoxo happy holidays to you and yours!


I bet it IS nice!

We're supposed to get snow flurries here tomorrow --- wish I had Ian here for color commentary.

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