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Friday, August 27, 2010



Oh, once he starts walking, there'll be NO time to catch up. You'll be too busy chasing him. . .


Oh, we really need to see him! Time is flying by!

And I'm sure we have discussed this in the past, but we were exactly the same way with housecleaning before we had the girls. We never did the dishes right after dinner or anything like that. Boy, does having children really change that! I would say I probably wash dishes and "tidy up" the sink area about 4 times a day now? Maybe more. Dave and the girls help - but they just do general things - not the complete "shine-the-sink" thing. Dave is essential though to drying dishes in the drain - that is my biggest handicap - I can get them washed, but not put away. (Oh and same for laundry - I can get it washed, but not put away...)


oh so CUTE!

such a handsome little guy you have there.

I must say, looking at all of these pictures is definitely making me more excited to meet my toddler sized uterine starfish.

I'm off work as of 9/30 - so I'm up for joining your play date group whenever you guys set it for. Granted, I'll be so fantastically huge in another month, I may not make it out of my house. But we'll give it a shot.

Octopus Knits

What a ridiculously cute little guy!

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