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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


FunnyGal KAT

I, too, admire single parents. I get tired taking care of the dogs by myself for a few days, let alone a baby! But let's see-- Ian sleeps through the night and rarely really cries... How do I sign up for a baby like that?!? Best of luck while Jim is gone!

Mary Brown

Babies don't have much to do; they only have about 4 choices: eat, sleep, poop, and cry. So don't feel guilty about letting him cry a bit now and then. (I'm talking about fussy crying here, not serious-end-of-the-world-emergency crying). You do have to eat, after all. But it sounds as if you've got a great little guy, and a little fussy crying won't warp his psyche or anything like that. And Friday night will be here before you know it!


I salute you for having the time to blog! He sounds like a great little guy. :) When I was an EMT, red-faced crying babies meant three very good things: a) Airway intact; b) Breathing is good; and c) Circulation is good. All signs that the baby is alive and well. And he's exercising his freedom to express and tolerate frustration with what little communication skills he has - and you need to nourish yourself for the two of you!

(And I agree - Daily Show is the only source of "news" that I will tolerate any more...)

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