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Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Well, if you're going to be prepared for anything, this whole parenthood thing would be the thing to pick! (Though, don't be surprised if you still get surprised at all the stuff you don't know. My only kid is the 4-legged kind and that surprised me, and I understand it's even worse with the 2-legged variety. But you sound like you're as ready as two new parents-to-be can be, and I can't wait to "meet" this new little human being you're introducing to the world!

(And, yes, the nursery looks terrific. And the Peter Rabbit buttons ARE adorable.)

Good luck!


The nursery looks beautiful. Tom Petty wasn't kidding when he sang the waiting is the hardest part.


Everything looks beautiful, and the kimono is adorable! Your son is already one lucky little boy.

Good luck with everything. Take lots of pictures. You will treasure them someday!!!

FunnyGal KAT

I love your nursery and am jealous of that organized closet the baby will be coming home to (my own closet isn't half that organized so I can't imagine my kiddo's will be either!)

I love all of your knitting projects, including the "bringing home baby" outfit. I'm sure everyone will be looking at him and not at the length of the sleeves!

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