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Sunday, February 01, 2009



Your koolhaas-ish looks great!


Very nice! I know how to cable w/o a cable needle, but haven't even cabled at all since Tangled Yoke. I feel like I'm loosing all my knitting skills...
Anyway, your new hat is gorgeous. That is quite a special sister that you have!
Did you take the last photo in your new light box???


Um... in that last comment it should be losing, and not loosing. I think my brain is coming loose and I'm starting to lose my marbles. (That is how I remember which word is which. I think that loose has 2 o's and they are like marbles and if they were loose they would roll around and clank together. Apparently, I forgot that before I posted the first comment.)


Very nice, even with the pattern difficulties! I might have to knit this one eventually.

I like cabling without a cable needle, but only on large-ish yarn. Not so much on teeny sock yarn.

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