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Saturday, January 10, 2009



Sarah - happy birthdays to you and Jim. My husband's birthday is today and the family is supposed to come tomorrow. We'll see what happens... luckily lasagne freezes if they don't make it ... birthday cake however will be eaten :)


The same behavior occurs here in NJ: the mad rush to buy milk, etc. I've always found it weird. We went out in the snow storm yesterday so I could hit up the LYS for some 50% off sale yarn!


I suspect Southerners could give anyone a run for their money in storm-stock-upping. We hear a "possibility" of "flurries" and every grocery store parking lot is jammed.


Well, you know me - I don't go out right before a storm in case it may start snowing earlier than predicted. I try to go the day before - but it is just nice to be home during a storm and know that you have everything you need. If you have milk, eggs, and bread there are so many good things you can make too - like french toast or custard!
Hope you get to have your birthday fun on another day! Maybe cake next weekend???

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