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Saturday, October 04, 2008



okay, you do know that your cake looks a thousand time better than anything I could ever do, right? :-)

Love the long candles on it. Where did you find those?


What's lame about the cake? One bite, and you're in love with it!


All that really matters is that it tasted good.


Hey - so if I'm the fourth comment - you must have more than 3 readers! Happy Birthday to your mom! (I'm now more than 1/2 my mom's age but not more than 1/2 my dad's age, but also I'm just 10. Maybe that is what is wrong with me - my age is all confused!)
I saw all your sweaters at the fair this morning! They looked great and they won some ribbons! Yay!


Fifth comment! :)

Happy birthday, Mrs. Librarysarie's mum!


(That makes six. Either your math skills are worse than mine, or you're more popular than you thought.)

Hey, cakes that taste that good don't last long enough for anyone to really notice what they look like, right? So all's good.

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