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Wednesday, August 08, 2007



I've never read "Paradise Lost." (but I have read Chaucer and lots and LOTS of Shakespeare ;-p)


Oh, almost everything that everyone else has read I haven't. I'm not a reader of novels. And I resolutely refuse to read anything that is in "Oprah's Book Club." (Thank goodness I'd read a some of her choices beforehand.)


I've never read The Great Gatsby. It was never assigned to me in any of my classes in high school or college though I saw it was very common for others to have it assigned. I've never read it on my own either. What do you think? Is it a hole that I really need to fill?
(I never read Moby Dick either but I very happily filled that hole with Ahab's Wife: Or, The Stargazer: A Novel.)


"The Great Gatsby" is one I would consider to be a classic - I'm the type of person who reads for the story - I miss out on all the symbolism stuff. I need an english class or something to help me with that. Other favorites include "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Dracula". I feel it's kind of sad that my current "to-read" list includes a lot of chick-lit. I do like to see what's on the Summer Reading for high schools at the bookstore though!


I am trying to make my way through Jane Austen books that are not Pride & Prejudice. I read Persuasion, but I started on Emma and couldn't finish it.

I haven't read any Kazantzakis books, although I have seen the film Zorba the Greek.


Oh man, I have so many holes in my literary education. My junior English teacher, for example, firmly believed in watching the movie instead of reading the book. And my 8th grade English teacher made us read all our books aloud in class because if we didn't do it there, then some people in the class would never read them. *sigh*.

That being said, I've never read the Bible, which I imagine to be something of a classic ;-), I've never finished any sort of Russian Lit (although not for lack of trying...The Brothers Karamazov is LONG); I haven't read The Scarlett Letter, or any Arthurian Legend beyond the Mists of Avalon. I've never read most classic plays. I have read Tess of the D'Urbervilles....and I have to say you're not missing much, I thought it was awful, even though English Teacher Barbie loved it. Torrington did me no favors haha.


There's so much great stuff I haven't read! Bronte. Melville. The Russians. What's his name who went to Walden Pond? That guy. :) I have read a lot of Nora Roberts and Steven King though, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!!

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