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Tuesday, August 28, 2007



I love your flowers, especially the daisy. It looks so complicated and your homework assignment seems intense. I am sure you will ace it though. Have fun!

Octopus Knits

Ha! I'm a fan of most desserts, myself! Your gum paste flowers are lovely... I would hope that homemade fondant tastes better (I agree that it seems silly to cover a cake with something you don't want to eat).


I'm with you - fondant looks really good as a covering, because you get that "from a magazine" smooth covering, but it's so gross. I LOVE your flowers, though. I took the basic class with a friend for her birthday and she ended up setting up a cake business with another friend as a side hobby. They make gorgeous cakes with flowers and butterflies and such. I stick to the basic stars, ropes and flowers.


Oh man, I can't believe the fondant doesn't taste good. It so looks like it WANTS to taste good! If you licked it, would it be sweet?

I like your gum flowers - they look very professional!


Your flowers look great!

My grandmother's homemade fondant was always waaay better than boxed. There must be better recipes out there.


That you aren't a fan of cakes probably aids in you covering them with inedibles. Don't you suppose?

(I'll leave the Fantasy Flower focus group for another day.)


Fun! I'm glad I took the 3 Wilton classes, but like you, I don't know that I'll ever do more fondant. We made some and it was a royal PITA. And while it didn't taste like the inside of a Uniroyal, it wasn't *tasty* either, and the consistency and look were terrible. We stuck to the store bought stuff, bought in bulk. It's fun to work with, but grody. Our instructor said she would never serve a cake with fondant (still attached) and we should peel it off before serving, if not before cutting. She did like working with it because once you have a good feel for it, it's not too difficult and she could charge a mega-premium for cakes with it.

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