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Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Is it that 2mm/1.5US are actually hard to come by or that you simply don't own any? Cos if it's the former, LMK next time I have a package to send you (sure that'll happen some time this year!) and I'll throw a set or two in. They're easily located here, for obvious reasons.


Doh, I mean 2.5mm of course. You knew what I meant. ;-)


Cute kitty picture!

I'm loving that colorway of yarn! I haven't tried the Seawool yet - I may have to do that....


Don't you just hate it when your yarn balls spew???
How many cats do you have????


And your socks look great, btw!


Heh...don't worry, Tamara, I only have two cats. Sometimes it seems like a lot more (especially when I'm standing in the kitchen and there are cats swarming seemingly EVERYWHERE waiting to be fed) but there are in fact only two. Maggie is the black one (shown in this post) and Gandalf is the grey one. :-)

Jac: Thanks for the offer! I can get 2.5mm here; I just think I'll have to mail-order them as I don't recall seeing any in my LYS. US1.5 seemed like a bogus size to me, so I have passed up the opportunity to buy them in the past. I know better now, and I am planning on switching my mindset to metric, at least for needle sizes. :-)

Octopus Knitting

Such a cute kitty! Your Monkey is looking great -- choosing the right needle can be hard. All I can say is: yarn barf happens...heh, heh..


I hate yarn barf, too.

Beautiful kitty. A D80 should be able to photograph your cats (if they're sitting nice and still) without a flash if you play with the ISO. I don't know how many settings you can fiddle with yourself, but use lower ISO when there's lots of light and higher ISO when it's dark. Then turn on a lot of lights, hold the camera really still, and see what you can come up with.

I swear, my 5-yo cat is probably blind from all the flash pictures I took when she was a bitty kitten. She hears the whir of the camera turning on now and she closes her eyes and turns her head I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING.

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