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Wednesday, June 20, 2007



OK, that's just crazy. And, I'd be careful getting things off your chest --- you might be deleted.


I think it is important to share things like that. The world is getting a little crazy lately. Seriously, that was just odd!
So, now why is it that you need to have a service for your blog photos? I usually just upload mine to my blog myself. I edit them in Microsoft Picture Manager -- cropping and compressing them and uploading them as the need arrises. It is because it saves space on your blog server? (just curious...)


Tamara -- I used to just upload the pictures directly into my typepad account, but after less than a year of blogging, I was already using more than 25% of my alloted disk space and so I stopped doing that. I should look again at whether typepad has upped the amount of disk space is allowed...but I figure that as long as I'm uploading photos to Flickr anyway, I might as well use it for the blog!

The *real* answer is obviously to get my own domain and host my own blog/photos, but I like having all the dirty work done for me. Still, though, that's another option that I should consider...

Octopus Knits

Holy cow, that's rather disturbing(!), and you would think that an email alerting you to the "issue" would be not be unreasonable.


I would appreciate knowing why, since I pay to use Photobucket. I wouldn't want a photo (possibly of something I didn't have archived on my home PC) deleted without notice or real cause. I can't ask them myself since it isn't my issue, but I would sure like to know why that happened.

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