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Friday, March 16, 2007


Shawna (sabowin)

I totally know what you mean about needing to just follow the pattern sometimes, without thinking about what it's trying to tell you to do. Have you ever done entrelac? If you can pick up stitches, knit, purl, p2tog and ssk, you can totally do it. But when you follow the instructions, it seems so WRONG. And it looks wrong until you've done a few sets of blocks and they can finally lie straight. But once you see it, it's amazing. Anyway...love the colors in the bag. Please post FO pics, too!


Wow! That is definitely some color contrast on that bag. :) I had a bit of a time getting home yesterday myself. I just wish I had more vacation time so I could have left earlier. :(


Knitting during snow with a cat nearby. . . How much more perfect could anything be?


I was planning to drive up to Ottawa today and visit Michaels (not my favorite craft store, but it's a craft store, and it's the closest one, and it's an hour away). I woke up to about 5" of snew. Craft store plans have been postponed.

What kinda yarn is that? It's bright, yes, but it's also shiny and soft-looking. Gawgeous.


I love the colors on your bag - you will be ready for spring, when it finally get there!

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