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Sunday, March 25, 2007



"Absolutely" to the idea of fun birthdays for adults! Really, when you think about it, we can go anywhere we want, do anything we want --- how much more fun do you need?


I love the cake! For the next slip of a thing, I vote (as if I get a vote) for chocolate brown with blue squares. :-)


I agree with Stephanie! The next one I make will either be chocolate brown & blue or green & white.

And, that ridge thing sucked...I'm tempted to rip mine out.....


It looks great Sarah! Before I read your comments - my color vote was going to be a blue/teal-y type color with brown. We must all have the same colors on our minds! If I end up having time to make one, I have the a turquoise-y color, and I would just need to get the brown. You say you only need one pair of needles after all? That would really be great too! So you did it all on size 13, what length???

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