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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Barbara in Toronto

THe weekend sounded great...the food, company, projects, accomodations, all sound top notch.

_Can I talk any of my loyal readers into coming next year? :-)_

It's on my calendar and has been established on the ever present list of HFtrips....so hopefully, yes . (I figure committing to a knitting retreat exactly one year after I started knitting is appropriate, and should have the effect of keeping me interested and knitting throughout the year!)


Oh, I would love to go! That is a breathtaking part of the country. I'm so happy for you.


*grin* I am SO looking forward to next year! (and I felted my bag last night! the bag and handles turned out great, the flowers ... not so much. I actually left with them with friend-with-top-loader-who-helped-me-felt Jennifer, who admired them - they were fine but *way* too large for my finished bag. I think I'll be looking at beads and other stuff for my decorations ...)


Sounds like you had the prefect Knitting Retreat! What great scenery. I'm glad that you had a good time and got so much accomplished! I'd love to see your Noni bag sometime...

Sarah J

I'm thinking about next year.

I just googled the location of Boone, and now am all sad because it's apparently only 50 miles from Johnson City, TN, where my friend Gregory (whom I taught to knit) is living for a year-long internship. He keeps inviting me to visit. If I'd only realized that back when you guys were planning... Not that knitting with you and Joan wasn't tempting enough, of course!


Sounds like a great time! I'd also worry about RSI after all that knitting!


Back when I first learned to knit, a friend and I took a road trip down past Lexington, KY, for a knitting retreat. The pictures you showed reminded me of that. What a great time!

If I win the lottery or become financially independent sometime in the next year, you can expect me to be there with bells on. :)

Linda C. Brown

Everyone seems to be mentioning knitting. Do you have anything for crocheting(beginners)? I am trying to learn how to do that.

Diana Cameron-Bosch

Would give a lot to attend the retreat. When I lived in NC I ordered yarn from Basket of Yarn. I love my yarn. Made a tote bag. Besty is a great person, talked to her on the phone a few times. She was just getting ready to move her business from home to somewhere else. What a great job she has done with her business.

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