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Sunday, February 04, 2007



I missed spending the day yarn shopping with you, too!

In the end I didn't go -- I really need to knit down some of the stash that's taking over my sewing room. :-)


I love pictures with cat butt.


We must have a lot of the same tastes in knitting because I bought Silky Wool too (and I absolutely hate football with all my being). I have also made many of the same items as you - last summer I made 2 Green Gables for example. Have you made it before? It is very addictive and it is so cool that it you make it with Cotton Fleece, it is one of the few knitwear designs that actually costs less to make that it would to buy it off the rack. I love your blog, BTW. Knitting and books - what could be better!


Looks like you definitely had a good day! :)

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