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Thursday, January 11, 2007



I think it looks really nice! I see what you mean about the neckline, and agree that adjusting the decreases would help. Ah, well - next time. :-D (or hopefully fixed after the swatch-in-hot-water experiment!)


I'm sorry that the neckline is so worrisome; don't let that mar the joy of accomplishment.

It looks nice on you!


You sell yourself short! (no pun intended) It looks really good, I'm impressed. What about a tank top under it instead? It might look a little dressier while still hiding ye old bra straps. I like the neckline. :)


It looks great! I really like wide necklines (and I don't have narrow shoulders, so I can't speak to that annoyance) and find them very flattering. Would you consider a hidden elastic or drawstring of sorts? It might work and wouldn't mean having to slightly shrink the whole thing in the wash.


Your Hourglass looks great! I had similar problems with my shoulders, too, and have heard it is a common problem (unless you are a linebacker, which you are not).

PS We're looking for houses off in your neck of the state. Any suggestions of good towns to consider? Thanks :)


For towns near here, consider: Canton, Harwinton, Burlington. These all have the best public schools in the area, and are really nice towns. Don't bother (in my opinion) with Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, etc., as they are overpriced, and you'll get less value for your money. New Hartford and Barkhamstead are north of here, and are nice if you don't need to worry about schools. Litchfield is another overpriced place over into the Hills, but also nice. Granby is also nice, but I think it can be as pricey as Simsbury.

In Burlington we have a glut of larger houses that haven't moved as fast as they used to. The little ones (our size) seem to get snapped up just as fast as always. You could probably get a good deal on a 3-4000 sq. ft. house now or in the coming months.

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