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Wednesday, March 15, 2006



From another book person, who has taken to using the stairs as a bookcase, all others being full: Each quarter, I go through all my books and find ones I believe I can live without. I then load them up and give them away to my students. If I don't miss any of the titles, I know I didn't need to keep them. (In about 5 years, I've only wished I'd kept one book. Not bad.)


www.librarything.com I've catalogued more than 3000 books in the last six months [my library there is under my LJ name], and it's oddly therapeutic. You do find duplicates, and odd gaps (I could swear I had more than four PG Wodehouse titles!), but it's a fun (and simple) way to catalogue, and soon you'll be able to get a good insurance valuation out of it too (the developer's adding the option to take values from Amazon/ABE)! That's my primary motivation for cataloguing: the knowledge that there's at least £15K's worth of books to replace should we ever have a disaster...

Janelle M.

I'm a book person also - I now have to use movers as friends and family will no longer move my books. I've probably read 1/4 of the books I own - most are bought with the intention to read but I know what you mean about having to own favourites, even if you'll never read them again. I need to know that my copy of Pride and Prejudice is within arms reach.

I've got my permanent collection up on Library Thing (user name Antheras) and my transitory collection on BookCrossing.com (user name also Antheras). I thought at first BookCrossing would help me cull my collection a bit but it has only made it larger.

So raise a toast to book people! We make the world a more comfortable place. All I hear is how comfortable and cozy my apartment is - and I attribute it all to the books.

Thanks for the fantastic article!

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